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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Great Gory Eyeball Popping Scenes Of Greatness

I've been contemplating movies and themes lately and think I've started something here. As my partner-in-crime, my husband, is a gorehound I've been subjected over the years to an amazing number of rather gory horror movies. In this process I've discovered that a popular method of torture/death in said gory horror movies is eyeball popping. So I've come up with a list of movies with great eyeball centered gore. If there are more you can think of, please add.

The Beyond by Lucio Fulci - Ah, The Beyond's tarantulas eating eyeballs. Truly disturbing and memorable and chock full of eyeball eating.

Evil Dead - Having seen this again on the big screen recently I was reminded of how funny and gory this film is. The eyeball popping is not the most memorable, but there is a noted scene.

Marebito - there is an early eyeball stabbing scene.

Phantasm 2 - Some of my husband's favorites from back in the day. I actually sat through all 4 of them. These movies may have been something when they came out, in retrospect - not so much. The fact that blood was banana custard color didn't help. Eyeball popping however, did. One of the few films that the gore did help.

So - what are your favorite eyeball popping, gouging, poking, eating, rolling scenes in horror cinema?


  1. There is a great eyeball torture scene in Audition that is like a car wreak. You want to look away but can't. I watched that scene through my fingers!

  2. Hostel!!! Omg that scene was great!! Hahaha!