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Friday, September 16, 2011

Upcoming movies I want to see

We go out pretty regularly, and by "we" I mean Walter and I, with friends to watch movies and lately I've been asked what I want to see and I've come up blank.
However, I did get a chance to peruse Hulu's trailers and found a few movies coming up that I'd like to see.

Here goes:
the last circus - Walter & I agreed that this was disturbed enough to go watch in the theater, it could be really really bad, or not that bad. We'll see. Either way, movie or rental I suspect I'll end up seeing this.

special treatment - it's French, it's about a high end prostitute going through a mid-life crisis. Could be interesting. I'll likely end up renting this one through Netflix.

chasing madoff - Again, because it's a documentary and will likely bore everyone I know this will be a "me" film. A renter, but one I'm hoping to find informative.

circumstance - forbidden love in Iran, I'm all there. Both women looked beautiful and it looked like it could be a powerful film. I'm all over it.

the interrupters a documentary about inner city schools and keeping kids in school, it also looked powerful and informative. I'm all over these sorts of docs.

3 - It just looked interesting, what can I say. The trailer sucked me in.

the ides of march - a political drama that looks tasty and it has George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Marisa Tomei in it.

Fireflies in the garden - another sappy film, this time with Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts, Willem Dafoe and Emily Watson. It could be great. I like Ryan Reynolds and love Willem Dafoe. It's an unusual cast but could be quite extraordinary. I suspect though, it's going to be considered a "chick flick" by my compatriots and I will be renting this also. We shall see though, it does have Willem Dafoe who is not known for his "chick flicks" unlike Ms. Roberts.

red state
- I've seen most of Kevin Smith's work so this will be another I will give a try. We'll see.

hugo - It looked beautiful and enchanting.

the descendants - Another Clooney film, but it looks like something he hasn't tried before. A man trying to get to know his daughters. I like the cast, Matthew Lillard ( a fav since SLC Punk) Judy Greer who I love off of Archer & Arrested Development. It could be a solid film. Again, likely a rental.

another earth - It just looked like fun.

1 comment:

  1. I second Hugo but will have to pass on Red State. I have a moratorium in place re: torture porn especially with women. Hysteria looks fun. Oddly, I want to see Moneyball even though I couldn't care less about baseball. The Thing and Anonymous are also on my list.