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Monday, August 8, 2011

Hotels Motels and whatnot..

Recently I found myself re-watching Four Rooms for the first time since it was originally released. My husband hadn't yet seen it and so we spent an evening watching it, and it was appropriate since we'd been on a Tarantino kick.
It led me to ponder memorable hotel based movies, and here are my most memorable hotel movies.
It truly is the last hotel you'd ever want to stay at. A horror standby and a solid film all the way around. The hotel itself is creepy and empty and ancient.

Mystery Train
An old favorite of mine. It's basically about three sets of people in a hotel during one night in Memphis. I love the Japanese couple in this film and I love Joe Strummer in this. A deft film from Jarmusch. In fact, it's the Jim Jarmusch film I recommend the most and usually first. I've always felt it's the most accessible.

Four Rooms
This, as I was reminded recently, was quite a funny film. It really shows the good and bad of the hotel business. Funny, filled with surprises and some deeply dark comedy, worth the time.

The Shining
Really a "What not to do" example of the hotel business. Also tops in the horror genre and will forever make those big hotel lobbies forever creepy.

Okay, so that's my minute list. Let me know if you can think of some great films that revolve around hotels, motels and inns.

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