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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mulholland Dr. ~ here there be spoilers ~

First of all, I did see these a number of years ago for the first time, not too long after it was released, I rented it at home.
Let it be said, I'm not really a David Lynch fan. Not really.

This is a strange film, but it's David Lynch, that's an understatement. I can't say entirely that I understand it all or the meaning behind every scene. Some things about this film escape me entirely, I'm sure.

But it is a David Lynch film, from tip to tail. The music, the atmosphere, the weirdness. It's a surreal film. It's one I find I "have to be in the mood for" or I just don't enjoy it enough.

It's one of the few films I relish because it doesn't make sense, but like a lot of movies I adore, this is pretty character driven. I really like Naomi Watts' character. I sympathized with her. Her sad and desperate character is someone I feel for.

Let it not be said that I didn't love the music in this film. I love Angelo Badalamenti's music in Twin Peaks, and now this also. I did, actually go out and buy Rebekah Del Rio's album All My Life because of her amazing cover of Roy Orbison's Crying in Spanish. Love it. Love Love Love Love Love it....partially because it reminds me of this story Susie Bright told about getting a letter from a girlfriend of hers written in spanish, she'd written the words to Roy Orbison's Crying...anyhow....I am fond of dysfunctional lesbian love stories, and this movie counts.
This film is, after all, all about the rejected lesbian blowing her brains out and plotting the death of the woman she admired/loved/dreamed about.
What is real here is debatable. There are forums out there about this. Regardless, I like this film. I like the atmosphere, and I find it depressing as anything.
But, I really like it. It's my favorite Lynch film.
Her desperation is so heartbreaking for me to watch. She becomes so fixed and sad and strung out.
Sure, there are oodles of plot issues with this movie, this isn't Film For Dummies, this is a film you watch and then take 3 days to digest. This is meatloaf of film. Full of amazing solid goodness, that takes a while to figure out and process. And I did, this movie had me thinking a lot afterward. I thought about girls, rejection, straight life vs. gay life vs bi life, thought about being poor and not being in my career of choice. I thought about the desperate nature someone could come to when none of their dreams come true. I thought about the desperate nature of a person alone and lonely and isolated.
Truly for me, it's Naomi Watts' performance that grabbed me and held on. It could have been so bad, so tacky or unsincere but she seems so genuine in every emotion her character goes through.
It was what made the film for me.
No, not a happy film but nonetheless a good film.

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  1. Hmm, I haven't seen that movie. I have a deep love for David Lynch films and the more twisted and ark and bizarre a movie is the more I like it. Sounds like my kind of movie!